Ingeniously Handcrafted Genuine Leather keychains from Japan.VANCA CRAFT INC. was originally established in 1890.

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2013 catalogs.
1.DOG Keychain.1
2.DOG Keychain and.2
3.CAT and ANIMALS Keychain and Charm
4.FISH Keychain and Charm.
5.Unique Keychain (Large).1

6.Unique Keychain (Large).2
7.ANIMAL and GOODS Bagcharms.
8.Book Marker, Clip Holder, Coin Case, Pen Stand.
9.Eye Glasses Holder, Wall Clock.


 Broad casted on Japanese TV called "Burari tochuugesha no tabi" 


For ages, leather has been useful in a variety of forms. Leather craftsmen have always produced daily necessities such as horse harnesses, shoes, clothing, hats, bags, and belts. Even now when people think that machines and technology can only make products, genuine leather still can only be worked by hand. This is why genuine leather products made by highly skilled craftsmen are enjoyable to look at and provide a great deal of warmth. People never get tired of possessing these fine items.
The craftsmen at Vanca Craft have developed a new leather technique that is not available in leather producing, European countries like Italy and Spain. We are developing a world of three-dimensional figurines which, while not always a daily necessity, are made for sheer enjoyment. Such a world was heretofore not available in the history of leather crafts. These products, made by our craftsmen with this new leather technique, have been named, "The Leather Story". They are greatly appreciated by people who understand the quality of products made of real leather. The world of structure and design is limitless. We are going to challenge the technical limits of leather materials to further develop "The Leather Story."
                         VANCA CRAFT INC.


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